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The art of conversation

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Conversation for its own sake. Сonversation for some other purpose. To be successful one has to be a good conversationalist. And the art of conversation is a skill and can be acquired as many other work skills as typing.

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The art of conversation

Conversation is a talk of 2 or more participants.

Conversation is of 2 basic types:

- conversation for its own sake and

- conversation for some other purpose.

The latter is practiced by politicians, preachers, salesmen, lobbyists, etc. The first one is practiced among friends, relative, colleagues, etc.

To be successful one has to be a good conversationalist. And the art of conversation is a skill and can be acquired as many other work skills as typing, for example.

The ability to talk can be cultivated. To become a really good conversationalist it is necessary to acquire the habit of conscientiously stocking your mind with facts and information and then forming opinions on the basis of that knowledge.

Masters of art of conversation rarely give advice, and usually only when requested. It is then given without the intention to impose their will or wishes on other people.

On my opinion an effective conversationalist is someone who knows a lot of interesting facts, who has positive attitude towards what they are saying and who they are talking to.

In addition, an effective conversationalist is someone whose voice is pleasant and whose tone is calm and not imposing, who expresses themselves clearly.

A good conversationalist can stand on his ground and easily persuade people and be able to prove that his point of view or a way to solve a problem is the best one and the most relevant to the situation given.

Another important thing for a master of conversation is to be a good listener. It is impossible and annoying to talk to a person who is constantly interrupting and doesn't want to listen to what the other person has to say.


What is the difference between “a chat”, “a conversation”, “a discussion”, “an argument”?

Chat - is an informal conversation

Conversation - is a formal talk

During a discussion people express their points of view on a matter

Argument - is a synonym of discussion, debate, or even disagreement. It is a conversation in the course of which people try to prove that it is their point of view which is correct.

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